5 reasons to try generics with us today

Would you like to buy generic Viagra in USA, but you still have doubts?
We offer a more detailed understanding of the features and advantages of an analogue of a popular product:

The natural mechanism of action.

Contrary to popular belief, during the application of the generic Viagra, an erection does not occur “on its own”. For its occurrence, at least mild sexual stimulation is necessary. Your partner will not even suspect that you have taken a pill to improve potency!


Available analogues of American pills help men, regardless of the severity of the problem. The drug shows high efficiency in the event that the cause of the deterioration of potency is psychological discomfort, diabetes, vascular disease. Generic “Viagra” to buy in the USA, can be any man aged 18 to 65 years.

Safety for health.

Sildenafil does not affect hormonal levels and sperm quality. Generics “Viagra” in rare cases cause side effects, which can occur in the form of slight dizziness, headache, runny nose or indigestion. As a rule, these unpleasant symptoms occur only if the optimal dosage is exceeded.

Lack of addiction to the drug.

Generics “Viagra” affect exclusively the blood circulation process, without affecting the receptors of the brain. That is why scientists unanimously argue that the drug is not addictive.

Quick effect.

Depending on the form of release, “Viagra” may show maximum effect after 10-60 minutes. According to customers who regularly use generics, this time is just enough for a pleasant foreplay with a partner.